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The Normative Hermeneutic
The normative hermeneutic, or normal interpretation, is the foundation of proper Bible study. The only way to arrive at the correct biblical doctrine is by the consistent use and application of these principles of Bible interpretation.

The Seven Ones
The fundamental bases for understanding the held-in-silence Mystery, the distinctive gospel of the Body of Christ, are the "Seven Ones" of Ephesians 4:3-6. Presented here is a comprehensive overview of the distinctiveness of Paul's gospel, the hierarchy of God's elect, the role of angels, the place of religious sacraments, and much more.

Praying After Paul
An examination of the unique content of Paul's prayers, in contrast to those of other biblical writers and personalities, as they are found in his epistles.

Galatians 2: Two Gospels or two audiences?
A comprehensive example of the application of the foundational principles of Bible interpretation, this study demonstrates the importance of a consistent hermeneutic, taking into account word usage, context and historical setting.

The Holiday Letter
This letter is an effort to explain our view of religious holidays and why we do not participate in them. It presents details and links regarding which holidays we do and do not observe, as well as background information and biblical citations.

The Matrix and Presuppositional Apologetics
A brief examination and treatment of Christian apologetics using the Warner Bros./Wachowski Brothers's film, "The Matrix," as the nexus of the discussion. This movie is a useful tool by which to consider the fundamental philosophical question: "How do we know what we know?"

Two types of Proselytes in Israel's Kingdom
It is important to understand the distinctions between two different kinds of proselytes that are described in the Bible. This study examines both scriptural and extra-biblical information on the subject.

Critique of The Plot
Critique of Bob Enyart's The Plot. This doctrinal treatise from a mid-Acts (or Acts 9) position is examined from both doctrinal and theological standpoints. The foundational weaknesses presented in The Plot are exposed and the strength of the Mid-Acts position is re-established, demonstrating that the biblically sound underpinnings that make the mid-Acts view a truly powerful and irrefutable theological framework.

Brief Comparison of Approaches to the Lord's Table
Centuries of controversy do not preclude anyone's ability to acquire correct doctrine from the scriptures. This study presents a Biblically consistent alternative to both traditional and modern misunderstandings and misapplication of the doctrine of "Communion."

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