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Pauline Eschatology:The Complete Ministry of the 144,000

The objective of this conference is a thorough and detailed examination of the meaning and significance of the 144,000 described in the Revelation to John and throughout the canon of Scripture. Particular emphases will be placed on the proper Pauline understanding of biblical eschatology and the place of the Body of Christ in the course of events as revealed to and through Paul.

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Session I
Israel's Inheritance in the Land
Speaker: Robert E. Walsh

Session II
Israel as the Great Priest-Army in the First Generation
Speaker: Robert E. Walsh

Session III
Israel's Remnant in the Prophets as the Great Priest-Army of the Third Generation
Speaker: James Hilston

Session IV
The 144,000 in the Apocalypse as Israel's Great Priest-Army of the Third Generation

Speaker: Steve Rodabaugh

Session V
Relevance of the 144,000 to the Body of Christ
Speaker: Steve Rodabaugh

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